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September 24, 2010 / car.

where is space?

if we will be blogging about space, we better clarify what it is, or more exactly, what is commonly considered to be space…

From an astronaut point of view (so, the minimum high to get your astronaut’s wings), you shall cross the 100km above ground (that is 62miles for non-metric unit users).[edit: if you live in U.S., you only need to get above 50miles, lucky you!] It does not seem that high, specially if we consider that most telecom satellites orbit at 36,000 km.

However, in the human spaceflight history, only a bit more than 500people have reached this altitude so there is still lots of work in the human spaceflight area!

In the different posts related to human spaceflight, we will introduce the concepts of health effects, and the different rationales for human exploration of our solar system. I hope you will enjoy it, welcome!


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